VD Extra Chapter 5 Part 1


Extra: Noark Part 1


[Please return me to my previous house.]


Things started from Noark’s statement. Two men were facing each other on the House Head’s room. The other side is the current head of the Yurk’s Family, here he was furrowing his brows  because of Noark’s statement as he observed him. And, on the other hand, was Noark himself who’s famed to be the next house head. This person is wearing a clear expression, not taking the importance of his own words.


[That can’t be done. Why do you think I took you in? At this point, I don’t feel like giving my position to anyone else.]


When the man turns his back indicating their talk was over, Noark started negotiating.


[I will take over your position. It’s just that, I want you to hand over my position to someone else at the moment.]


[What are you saying… You, it can’t be. So that talk was true.]


[Yes. Father can make me the next head and I get the Dream Priestess in my hand. Isn’t it a good deal?]


The man looked at Noark’s smile and upon realizing that he’s serious, he sighed. He gripped his fists and turned his back this time.


[I do not mind as long as you have Tianne’s consent.]


[I understand. I will report back to you after a few days.]


Towards Noark who bowed his head and quietly left his seat, the man could not help thinking. Praying that that daughter of his will be able to grasp a happy future.

Noark’s negotiation was very attractive. He thought that was for the best. However, when he thought of Tianne, he did not think it was good for her. Still, he plans to make the ideal decision as the Head. His little conscience allowed him to propose that it is subjected to Tianne’s approval, though.


[Noark. Please stop playing around and let me out of here!!]


A room in the Yurks House. Not a lot of people know about its existence. There isn’t even a window and the door only opens by authentication magic. Tianne was locked inside without any means of getting out.

Of course, you will get mad if you get locked inside that kind of room without understanding the reason.


Noark scooped the hair* of Tianne who was glaring at him and while kissing it, he answered her with a voice containing affection. (TN: Not all of it, just a couple of strands.)


[If you will say that you will be mine then I will let you out.]


[I’m saying that that’s impossible!! Do you think I will agree if you do something like this?!  This is unforgivable!!]


[It will be fine as long as Tianne allows it.]


[That’s why, where on earth does that confidence come from?]


Noark’s next words crushed the last hope of Tianne who exchaustedly muttered. He placed Tianne’s hair behind her ear and whispered close to her ear which has become visible.


[Step-father acknowledged it.]


Tianne’s thoughts stopped. She slowly looked up to Noark as if she couldn’t believe it. Noark looked at Tianne’s reaction and spilled out a laugh.


[Fufu. Tianne sure is stubborn. You know that I won’t tell a lie like that yet you refuse to believe after all.]


Towards Noark who said, ‘Right~?’, Tianne couldn’t give a response. Her hands are bound on the bed and her mouth is gagged.


[Things would’ve proceeded smoothly if Tianne only gives her approval. Then I wouldn’t also have to do this kind of horrible thing, would I?]


He caressed Tianne’s skin while wearing a deceitful expression. That body was exposed without any clothes on. Even wit Tianne’s glaring expression, Noark was ecstatic, he slowly drew her lips closer nd pressed his lips on hers.