Inaka Life Chapter 20

Setting Up Prevention (箔がつく)

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Guys, we’re one more chapter and we’re done with Inaka Life.. ;( It’s sad… NSFW.. Not in a way you think, but still R-18

Aine is fast asleep.
Honestly, I was about to do it a few more time, but it can’t be helped.
Since it was the first time, i decided to hold myself back, but seeing Aine’s seductive appearance makes me feel hot.
My little brother thought that it’s okay to do it for the second time because he will pull it out again after, even though he was just jerking himself off a while ago, when looking at Yuan’s crotch, it’s still ready for battle.

[Just where are you getting your endurance from?!]
[I can’t help it, can I? I’ve never desired anybody so badly like this before..All my sexual desire from before are all coming to me in bulk right now.]
[You pervert…]

When I tried to throw Yuan out while admonishing him, he fought back with indignation.

[Aniue is a pervert, too, aren’t you?! His nipples have become red and swollen because you kept on teasing them!]
[SInce Aine was enjoying it, isn’t it fine? Because it’s foreplay, it can’t be helped.] (TN: Right… of course…)
[It felt pretty persistent for a foreplay, though?]
[It’s much better than your ass-licking play!]
[If you’re going on that direction, weren’t you also sucking Aine-niisama’s very deliciously?! I also wanted to lick it!]
[This big pervert!]

If Aine was awake, this will count as a pillow talk, but right now, this is just a verbal fight! I’m not doing this anymore!
When I took a look at Aine who’s sleeping between me and Yuan, he looks happy and contented.
However, my cum is dripping out of his asshole, there are red marks all over his body, and bodily fluids glossed all over him, he seems to be in a slimy situation. (TN: The last part, tho. I just made it up.)
I unconsciously gulped.

[No! I am not a beast who attacks while he sleeps. I’m a gentleman!]
[Yo, you’re right! It’s about time he gets used to it…]
[What do you mean “about time to get used to”! You fool!]

When I planted a fist on his belly, Yuan let out a groan and fell on top of the bed..
Compared to this guy, I can tell that I’m definitely more mature in just a glance.
Yuan begrudgingly glared at me while he’s still collapsed on the bed.

[Aniue, it’s not good to hold it in, you know..]
[I’m not holding it in! I’m just saying it from a realistic point of view.]
[…We’re not getting anywhere with this, so let’s ask Aine-niisama for his opinion next time. Other than that, we must clean Aine-niisama’s body.]

Yuan said so while sighing.
Ineed, it’s better to get Aine’s opinion in this. I laughed through my nose.

[So, how do we clean his body? Go to the bathroom?]
[That right. Whoa, our princess sure is light.]
[….I’m going to the bathroom first.]
[What’s with that reaction? Do you have an issue with calling him “princess”?]

[There’s no problem with calling Aine as princess, but with you calling him that with your stern face and huge body, it just feels weird.]
I went to the bathroom that I used the last time. Because I don’t have the time wipe it off, I’ll just wash it with shower. (?)

As Yuan brought Aine to the bath, so for the time being, I will just give him a shower.(?) When the water from the shower hit his body,


Aine unconsciously moaned in a small voice.
At that time, Yuan and I both froze.

[A, Aniue, this will be an arduous battle.]
[Endure it! We’re from the Royal Family! DOn’t forget our honor!]

As the water from the shower slowly fell, it gently washed over his body. When the water hits his nipples or the backend, Aine would furrow his brows and let out a small voice, so our work is interrupted time and time again.

We somehow finished washing his body off. Next is scraping out the semen out of his asshole.
Because it’d be dangerous if Yuan did it, I scraped them out myself. I will definitely remember Yuan’s face at that time. He had a terrifying expression, as if he hates everything in this world.

[Now then, I wonder which position is better to do it.]
[I think it would be easier if we put Aine-niisama in an all four-like position as I support him.]
[The let’s do just that.]

Yuan folds his cuffs and hugs Aine in the neck. Yuan’s face is getting loose. He’s probably thinking that he’s getting something out of it.
I rolled my eyes off him.

Well then, Aine’s ass is in front of my eyes.
From that hole, my cum is dripping out. Even I was the one who brought it upon myself, as expected, it’s still hard to do it.
“I am a man who will be the future King. Don’t forget my honor.” I thought so within my heart as I plunged my finger inside the hole.


Aine’s voice fills the bathroom.
This guy’s cries is affecting my waist. As we’re inside the bathroom, the voice became more penetrating, which is bad. As I was calming myself, I inserted the second finger and started scraping. (TN: That’s bad… in a good way. Keep it up.]
Like a shovel, the task to rake it out begins. So as not to stimulate the prostate, I carefully, carefully scrape it out. Even so, with Aine’s sensitivity, small moans are raised up from time to time.
After I’ve mostly got them out, all that’s left is to wash it with warm water from the shower.
As I was focusing so much, I did not notice any reaction from Yuan so it felt suspicious, and when I raised my had to look at him,


There I saw Yuan desperately enduring the temptation. His lips are pursed straight as his eyes are staring into a blank state, as if in meditation. (TN: Lol)
I was startled. Aine’s face is right next to his. In other words, every time Aine breathes, it will be directly transmitted to him. In addition to the naked body in front of him, Yuan has been hit by the most fatal blow. (TN: I won’t be surprised if Yuan becomes a monk… but I don’t wish for it.]

[My brother…!]
[Aniue, I will not make the same mistakes again. I will not make Aine-niisama cry.]

This guy might be a pervert, but his feelings towards Aine is pure. I’m impressed. That is indeed how a royalty should be.

[Up until now, I’ve been ridiculing you as a pervert. But rest assured, you are a respectable pervert.] (TN: So he’s still a pervert?!)
[Is it something to be happy about…?]
[Of course! It’s a positive compliment!] (?)
[I see!] (TN: You don’t!)
[Moreover, I now acknowledge you as Aine’s husband, too.]
[Eh?! Didn’t you acknowledge it in the beginning?!]
[Of course I didn’t. Because you were just a rotten pervert then. I won’t hand him over to such scum.]
But I accept your love for Aine. If it’s you, I’ll accept you as Aine’s husband.]
[Then, the both of us will become Aine-niisama’s husband…]
[That’s how it will be.]

I said as I poured the hot shower water over. As soon as I did, Aine’s body flinched. I witnessed Yuan panicly supporting Aine’s body.

[A,Aniue! Quickly!]
[I know!]

When I let the hot water flow in, it seems to have stimulated his insides as Aine let out a pleasured moan. I’ve got to finish this quickly, so I simultaneously entered my fingers in.

[Hyaaah! Ah, ah… Aaa~]
[O, okay! It’s all cleaned up now. Yuan, it’s done!]

In front of me, Aine’s hole is twitching openly. I need to look away from this, so I turned to look at Yuan and he looks at me with a serious expression.

[Aniue, please look here.]
[What’s wrong?]
[Aine-niisama’s thing has —]

That’s right, it’s proudly standing tall.
Even as a man of royalty, one simply can’t overcome such desire. The few reasoning which has been holding us down has, at this moment, broke down.

Yuan sucked Aine in his mouth, I plunged inside Aine, Yuan also did so, and the very long work is done. (TN: I don’t think they a DP, though.)

We washed his hair, put him his clothes on, and took him to bed. Because I had Marius replace the bed sheets, the bed has now become clean.
We laid Aine on the bed, and Yuan and I also laid down, sandwiching him between us.

[Before he wakes up, we have a lot to prepare. We have to inform Royal Father and also dispose of those rebels.]
[Haa. Will it be okay to report to Father with just the two of us?]
[For the meantime, we have to get Father’s approval so the both of us should be enough.]
[I understand.]

Aine is sleeping with a naughty face.
I gently kissed him in the forehead. Yuan kissed him on his cheek.
When I look at him like this, he looks young. It would be easy to persuade others if we tell them he’s the youngest.
Suddenly, Aine’s pitiful expression entered my mind.
“I do not qualify to live in the castle, I’m just wa waste of space here.” Aine’s face as he desperately talked to us.
Yuan seems to have the same thought as me. He opened his mouth as he looked at me.

[Aniue, I will become a knight who will protect Aine-niisama. I want to step down as the King’s successor and live my live as Aine-niisama’s sword and shield for the rest of my life.]
[Aniue, please create a country where Aine-niisama can laugh happily. That’s something only Aniue can do.]
[…I did not expect to be told that by you.]
[Even I think about Aine-niisama’s well-being. I won’t let him say that he will leave again.]

A dull light shines in his eyes as he lovingly strokes Aine’s hair.

[You’re right…. As if we’ll let him go…]

Never again.
Without knowing anything, Aine slept with his mouth open.
His face looked so funny that my mouth loosened up. Yuan also looked with amused eyes.
It was irritating so I pinched his nose, *Fugah!* Aine made a strange sound.