Inaka Life Chapter 19 part 2

Here’s part 2 of chapter 19. 

NSFW. Read at your own risk. AND THANKS TO ALIX FOR BUYING ME SOME KO-FI. (It’s the first time I’ve received one and it took me a long time how I got the money. Thanks a lot!!)

[Oi, don’t sleep. Aren’t I still here?]
[Ha~a… e ~ee…… Ni, Nii-sama, we, we’re still doing it…?] (TN: OF COURSE THAT’S WHAT HE’S HERE FOR!)
[That’s of course.. I’m already prepared.]

That’s what he said and before my collapsed body, he showed me his crotch. In there exists a dark-red thing with amazing hardness. (TN: I MENTALLY COVERED MY FACE FOR COMING UP WITH THIS ENGLISH LINE. I’M ASHAMED.)
He, he sure is well-endowed…!
My face instantly turned pale.

[A, au… You, you don’t have to show it to me…]
[That’s right, Aniue. Don’t show something so grotesque to Aine-niisama.] (TN: AHAHAHA… THE POT IS CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK!)
[What did you say? I don’t want to be told that by you, Yuan!]

The both of yours are grotesque! (TN: PFFT…)
Was what I didn’t say. While holding my breath, I tried to escape from the both of them when,

[It seems like you’ve calmed down.]

He pulled me back to the bed and pushed me down.

[Amazing. Your hole is wide open.]

Wha? Reichel-niisama opened my legs as he looked. I was so embarrassed I covered my face. I don’t want to see my own asshole!
While Reichel-niisama laughed at my reaction, he slipped in-between my legs and kissed me lightly, then he started licking my nipples.

[Fu, fuwaa. D, don’t! Y, you baka! Nnga~] (TN: i JUST KINDA LEFT IT THERE CAUSE IT’S CUTE.)
[…Were you really a virgin?]

While being nibbled, my thing which has just finished its peak has now hardened again.
*Rerorero* *Kari*
He’s been licking my nipples, biting it, and then sucking it. He’s carefully teasing it with his tongue. I’ve been shaking my head saying “No no” while pushing his head away but Nii-sama isn’t budging at all.

[Aniue really likes it in his nipples, doesn’t he?]
[It sheem sho] (TN: *It seems so.* Is my assumption.)
[Yaa~ah! Stop talking!]
[Well… if you’re dripping this much… You look so lewd, Aine..]

My chest which is covered with Nii-sama’s saliva is shining . My nipples have completely hardened and are completely red. My nipples… they might have transformed..
When I felt like crying, Yuan stroked my hair.

[My nipples, they’re getting weird…] (TN: So cute..)

When I muttered so unintentionally, the two’s movements suddenly stopped.
*Fuu fuu*When I blew on my nipples to somehow cool it down, Yuan grabbed my chin and gave me a kiss. (TN: Yep… so adorable…)

[Don’t get ahead of yourself, you idiot!]
[Ng, nng! Nnah~ Au…]

While Yuan was busy harassing my lips, Reichel-niisama took mine in his mouth.
The feeling of the inside of his mouth was completely different from the feeling of being stroked.
Just when I thought that Yuan was completely done with my lips, a thread of drool stretched from both our mouths. Just like that, Yuan lightly kissed my ear and then sucked my neck.

[Shto… It’s dirty.. Nnaa~!]
[Here, you can come.]
[I… can’t! Pull…. awa.. Aa~ah!]

*Biku biku* My body shuddered and bent like a fish and came in my brother’s mouth.

[Ni, Nii-sama, it’s dir… I’m sor..]
[…It doesn’t taste bad.]

What a blunder I have committed. When I tried to rise my messy body forcefully to apologize, Nii-sama just went and drank it as if it’s delicious.
No no… Isn’t that bad…?
Nii-sama suddenly pulls the dazed me and pined me in the bed again. He parted the hair from my sweaty face and kissed my on the forehead.

[Fufu, I finally saw Aine’s orgasm face… It was very cute.]
[N, No, I’m not cute… rather, don’t look…!]
[Please let me drink it, too, next time.]
[No way!]

What are these brothers saying? Aren’t they perverted brothers?! (TN: Aine. they’re your brothers, too)

[Still, the hole in your ass is still twitching. Do you want me to put it in?]
[Eeh.. No, it’s fine. I’m sleepy, Nii-sama.] (TN: Aine!!! TF ARE YOU SAYING?! OF COURSE IT’S GAME RESUME! NO PAUSE!)
[ I see, you want me to put it in. But first, I must look for a good place to enter.]
[What are sayi..! Wai..Nnga…!]

What’s with this “going my way”?!
He suddenly inserted fingers in for the second time, but I don’t feel the previous oppressing feeling. Nii-sama’s fingers have entered smoothly. Can my body’s ability to adopt be considered a good thing or a bad thing…?
Nii-sama spreadingly moves his fingers inside to look for the good spot. I, myself, am aware where that spot is from being exposed by Yuan before.
It will be exposed to Nii-sama eventually, too —
Such feeling made me tense up even more.
Maybe because of being enveloped with my elation, Nii-sama’s index finger found the lump. Soon, waves of pleasure came crashing over me once again.

[A, uhnn… A, aah~!]
[Is it this bump?]
[That’s right. As expected, Aniue, you’re quick.]
[Aah~ Do..nnaah! Haa,ah!]
[Of course. You just came earlier and you’re hard again?]
[Aine’s face looks like he’s about to melt… so cute..]
[Nnaah~! Not my nipples! Aah, Aaah~!]
[Oi. What are you playing around for? Concentrate yourself!]
[I get it. Haa.]

While that place was being teased over and over again, my eyes are getting blurry again. When I was near my limit, Nii-sama suddenly withdrew his hand. Why…? It seems that’s what could be seen in my eyes.
My head was being gently stroked and kissed lightly.

[Don’t show such an erotic face. I will let you cum soon.]

While grinning, Nii-sama sticks his thing in my butt and pushes in. And just like that, my body welcomes him.

[Ah, ah, aahhh~!]
[ So tight! Relax, Aine!]
[Ah! I, I can’t…!]
[Aine, I will touch it for you, okay.]

When he said so, Yuan started pinching my nipple.

[Aaah~! Ya, ahh!]
[Aine, milk seems to be coming out, doesn’t it?]
[There’s no wa..aah! Ah, ah, ahh!]

Yuan switched to my side and sucked on my nipple. He traced the areola with his tongue, then sucked on the nipple.
I wonder if it’s getting loose there. Nii-sama penetrated me at once.

[Haa, getting entangled inside is making me come…]
[Aah! Ha~aah! Aaah! ! A, aaah! That, so deep……!]

Being invaded in such a deep place made my legs shake from shock and made me come. My come flew far. It flew up to my chest.
Nii-sama then pulled out then suddenly thrusted in right up to the hilt. *Zuchun* The impact was so strong, I felt like my head is going crazy.
Furthermore, he’s been hitting that good spot of mine so my withered junior has once again came back to life.
When I looked sideways, I saw Yuan looking at me passionately while jerking himself off. I’m being violated.

*Dokun* My heart beats faster, furthermore, it seems I unconsciously tightened around him, Nii-sama let out a small groan.

[Aine…. ch!]

I stretched my hand and touched Yuan’s thing. It’s weak, but I moved my hand up and down.

[Just how…. gentle are you… Haa…Aine..]

*Guchuguchu, panpan!, Zuchu, zuchun!*
The sounds of waists hitting each other, wet noises, my moans and my brothers’ breaths all are all echoing inside the room.
Before my eyes is Reichel-niisama’s feverish face while looking at me, as he continues to move his hips. On the side, Yuan was also watching me while holding my hand which was holding to him.
Gradually, the inside of my head turned white and went off.

[Aah, a, no, no more~! Aahaah! ! Ni-saaah~!]
[Ni-saa, aah! ! Aaah ~! ! Haahh, aaahh!!]
[Aine… gh!]

The front of my eyes turned white as it rolled back. Right after, Nii-sama also ejaculated and released inside me. Inside me stomach, I can feel the hot fluid flowing. Without pulling out, Nii-sama rubbed himself inside me repeatedly.

[Aah, a, ya……aah…]
[Haa… Aine… You’re mine..]
[It’s hot…]

Reichel-niisama met my lips with his. After a peck, he inserted his tongue and entangles it with mine inside my mouth.
When our lips finally parted, Yuan also kissed me. *Chu chu* He’s showering me with light kisses.

So tired.
I closed my eyes just like that. And just like that, I let go of my consciousness.