Inaka Life Chapter 19 Part 1

Inaka Life Chapter 19 You Should Feel Honored Part 1

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[Tte, Wait! Just wait a moment!]

Before entering the mansion, I did got carried away by the situation, but isn’t this weird?
I tried to get out of Yuan’s arms by flailing my legs around, but Yuan ignored my struggles with a calm face and princess-carried me towards the house.

[Eh, that, that’s just… wait!]
[Aine-niisama, please be patient. We’re arriving soon. Look, we can see the mansion.
[That’s not what I meant, though. Anyway, can you put my down for now?]
[I can’t. It’s my dream to carry Nii-sama like this. Just like a Prince and a Princess, don’t you think so, too?]

Even if he tells me that with shining eyes… I can see the excitement and lust in his eyes.
I acknowledge that Yuan is indeed a romanticist, but for his partner to be his older brother, me, just how should I face it?
I did mention that I want to get along well with my family, but I never said anything about this kind of getting along!
Moreover, even Reichel-niisama told me to become his bride was so shocking. I was so shocked I thought my eyeballs would fall off.
But when he told me that the breakfast was good, and that he wanted to drink coffee everyday, I unconciously felt happy and my heart-felt warm. That’s because until now, Reichel-niisama has always been eating quietly, and when asked how it was, he’d always say “It’s so-so”.
My cooking being complemented was very pleasant’ Especially when Reichel-niisama said it, it felt very special.
[Bu, But still, I don’t want to be anybody’s wife..]
[What did you say?]

When I unconciously blurted out my thought, we’ve long arrived entered the house, it seems. I was placed down on top of my bed. Behind me is Reichel-niisama, and in front of me is Yuan.
When I tried to get my intention across Reichel-niisama by turning my head around to him, Nii-sama was standing there with wrinkles between his brows.

[NI, Nii-sama, in the first place, I’m a man and your brother, don’t you think this is against your morals?]
[You, who do you think I am?]

Nii-sama flashed a bright smile..

[I’m the who’s going to become the King. The King is God, the King is the sun, the King is absolute. When I become the King, I will be the moral.] (TN: YEP, A GOOD WAY TO USE YOUR AUTHORITY.)

Isn’t that an abuse of power?!

[Bu, But! If I were to stay here, won’t it be fine even if I don’t become your wife? It’s true that I want to be given an official duty, but I’m certain somebody else is more suitable for you, also, it’s fine if you can just give me a low position instead of being a wife.]

That’s right.
I said I wanted to stay in the castle to be able to contribute to the Kingdom. That’s probably why Nii-sama thought that my being here is to be his wife.
But still, such a relationship without love, won’t it just trouble Nii-sama?
Nii-sama has been staring at me the whole time I was speaking and breathed a deep sigh. And then, he furiously scratched his head.

[I never thought you’d so stupid to this extent.] (TN: HIDOI DESU, NII-SAMA… EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE RIGHT…)
[I, I’m sorry for being stupid…]

When I pouted my lips, I heard a laughter from behind.

[Aniue, it seems the message still hasn’t been transmitted. To think that he’d be this shaken up after hearing what his job would be.]
[N? What do you—]

Before I finished talking, Reichel-niisama held my cheeks and forced my to face behind. When I wondered what for, I was kissed. *Chu* Our lips met lightly.
In an instant, my face became hot red.

[…You’re the only one who makes me bothered to this extent.] (TN: INDEED. AINE’S PESSIMISM AND DENSENESS IS A FORMIDABLE ENEMY.)
[Eh, isn’t it the same for Nii-sama?]

When I returned his words, it was Yuan’s time to start laughing wierdly. Reichel-niisama sighed heavily once again and and took my hand before giving the back of it a kiss.

[My sword, my shield, my life, I will offer all of them to you] (TN: KYAA!!!)

While looking straight to my eyes, he uttered his vow word for word solemnly.

[E, well….]
[Even for me, I don’t want to take somebody I don’t love as my wife. I am not such a kind person.]

*Fun* When Nii-sama laughed through his nose, my brain froze.
Could Nii-san be what my previous life called a Dere?! So Nii-sama really likes me?! (TN: BRUH… SRSLY?!)
That’s what I thought when I stared at him, his ears are slightly red.

[That was obvious, stupid!]
[Wha! One won’t be able to notice it normally! Because you’re been terribly hostile before… And Nii-sama has always hated me…]

Besides, when I said I wanted to apologize to Yuan, he didn’t come to see me. Remembering yesterday, I felt down.
When I did so, Reichel-niisama quickly muttered,

[About yesterday… I said too much.]

Nii-sama said so while stroking my head.
While I secretly thought that Nii-sama’s honesty creeped out a little, deep down inside, warmth was blooming. (TN: I TRIED BEING POETIC, HEH..)
Throughout the whole Kingdom, aren’t I the only one he’s ever apologized to? It’s such an honor!
Just when I thought so, Nii-sama let go of my ear and touched my cheek.
Feeling at ease when I looked at him, I could see within Nii-sama’s eyes fire burning passionately deep.
This flow is bad…
A danger siren rang out in my mind but it didn’t make it in time.
Nii-sama’s and my distance became zero.


*Chu* He lightly kissed my lips.
Then, he once again kissed my lips. He kept changing the angle, deepening the kiss.
When I concentrated on my kiss with Nii-sama, I felt my neck being sucked. *Chu chu* I could hear kissing noises both in the front and back, making my try to avoid my face from embarrassment, hoping to stop it.
At that moment, Nii-sama had a deep frown between his eyebrows, and Yuan was looking at me strangely. Unable to bear it, I cried.

[As I thought, it’s impossible!] (TN: NO!!! It’s not!!!]
[Aa, Aine-niisama, stopping us now is just bullying!]
[Hii! Yu, Yuan!]

Being whispered so softly near my ear, my body unconciously reacts. His breath’s ticklishly warm! When I covered one of my ears, Reichel-niisama bit on my other ear.

[You don’t like it?]

When I thought that he’s done, he bit on my earlobe. holding my breath, it’s unexpectedly captivating.embarrassed, I tried pushing Nii-sama’s face with my hand but he didn’t budge.
[Did you feel bad after being kissed?]
[Uu, No….]
[You looked like you were feeling good, after all.]

Yuan licked my palm. It was so ticklish I unconciously retrieved my hand when he took it back and then licked my ear. Feeling the wetness and hearing the wet noises transmitted in my ear, my body shuddered.

[Ya~ Nn..]
[Aine, you don’t like it?]

Aah, is it because of my Japanese temperament? I decided to raise the white flag. (TN: YES! YOU SHOULD’VE DONE SO QUICKER!)

[…No, it’s not that I hate….it]
[N? I couldn’t hear it. Say it again.]
[I, It’s not that ha…Nn]

Holding the back of my head, Reichel-niisama kissed me. Unlike the previous ones, this time it’s a hungry kiss. As if abandoning everything, I left Nii-sama to lead the kissing.
[Ah, ah…fu..]
[You have two princes as your partner. Aren’t you honored?]

So it’s an honor?! (TN: IT IS, ISN’T IT~?)
I asked that questing in my head but due to an old habit, I didn’t say it.
After hearing Yuan’s voice, I turned my face and there’s Yuan’s face before me.

[Focusing only on Aniue is unfair! Please let me have a taste, too.]
[Nn… Nnu… ch..]

*Schlup* He slipped his tongue in. As usual, he chased after my tongue. When I tried to repel Yuan’s tongue by pushing it, both tongues got entangled. My body buckled up and Yuan caught me in his arms.
While I was absorbed with my kiss with Yuan, Reichel-niisama unbuttoned my shirt. And then, he easily took it off.

[Haa~ah… N, n,nn…fu..]

When I felt a hand crawling over my chest, my body shook. Reichel-niisama has started kneading my chest.
Even though it’s not soft… Nii-sama is also a pervert. (TN: Since THEY’RE BOTH DOING YOU, THEY BOTH ARE. NO BIGGIE~)

[Yuan, you can do it first. However, don’t release it inside.]
[Haah, nchu, In…chu..What do you mean I can’t cum inside?]
[Because I’ll do it. Since you’re entering first, it’s just fair.] (TN: FAIR DEAL IF YOU ASK ME.)
[Wha, Aniue! That’s just—!]
[ Don’t forget what you did before. Originally, I wouldn’t even allow you to watch but I’m even allowing you to participate. Don’t forget it.] (TN: NO,NO,NO. THAT’S NOT HOW IT IS.)
[A, Aniue…]

When I thought that a violent fight would start over my head, Nii-sama suddenly pulled on my nipples with his thumb and index fingers.

[Hyaa~an! Do, don’t pull.. fuaa..]

It’s gonna stretch, it’s gonna stretch!
Even while I was shaking my head, Nii-sama won’t give in. On the contrary, he started pushing and kneading them, and just playing with them.
While my nipples were being teased, I should’ve felt pain, but it feels good instead. I, even though I’m a guy, I can feel it from my nipples… So embarrassing!
I couldn’t believe it so I shut my eyes.

[Aniue, haven’t they turned red?]
[I’m not yet satisfied.]
[So pitiful. Let me lick it for you.]

As Yuan declared, he sucked on my chest. Because of the raw sensation, a moan came out from me. Because Nii-san has been abusing them, the wet feeling feels good.
While entrusting my back to Nii-sama, I was being done. (?)
While Yuan was licking and biting my right nipple, his left hand was rubbing and pinching my left nipple.
Unknown since when but Nii-sama has taken off my pants and reached out his hand to my thigh. While he was touching me, he also kissed, licked and sucked on my nape.

[A,a~ah, mou… no..]
[Already at your limit? I see, I’ll touch it for you.] (TN: IT’S HERE!!!)
[Aah~ ! Haa……Nn]

Nii-sama whispered behind me ear and took me in his hand. While being rubbed with a lewd sound , a sweet voice came out.
Wha, what’s with that voice?! So gross! (TN: IT ISN’T, AINE. IT’S BEAUTIFUL~ FUFU..)
Embarrased, I covered my mouth with my hand.

[Aa, Aine, how cute. Aniue, can we change positions?]
[You’re right. Aine, get on all fours.] (TN: MY NOSE FEELS WARM… I WONDER WHY… I CAN SEE AINE’S POSITION IN MY HEAD!)

As I was told, I went on all fours. Nii-sama took my arm and placed it on his shoulder and I obediently held on to it.
Facing my ass to Yuan and right next to my face is Reichel-niisama.
I would like to crawl in a hole if there’s one… Why am I the only one who’s naked and in this embarrassing position? (TN: WHY NOT?)
When I was staring on the floor, Aniue held my chin up and kissed me.

[N…ahh.. Nnu.. chu..]
[Haa.. nn.. tsu..]

When I opened my eyes, I saw Reichel-niisama staring at me. When our gazes met, I felt a burning sizzle in my chest.


Has Nii-sama always been watching my face the entire time?!

[An, n… yaa…ng..]

This is too embarrassing!
I instantly closed my eyes. My hand that was holding Nii-sama’s shoulder reflexively clenched. Nii-sama looked at the me who’s acting like that with narrowed eyes, but of course I didn’t notice.
I wonder if he knew I was so embarrassed to death, but he kissed me aggressively. Drool flowed down without knowing it’s owner.
While I was taken by Nii-sama’s kiss, I felt a cold sensation in my butt. It seems something wet has been applied to it.
The next instant, I felt a weird sensation.

[It’s so tight, Nii-sama.]
[Nng?! Haa~ Yaa..! Nng..!]
[Please don’t worry. I’ll loosen you up properly.] (TN: ^O^ YESSS!!!)

As soon as he said it, Yuan started moving his finger inside my butt as if to stir it. An intensely strange feeling attacked me.
His fingers are moving around, opening my hole up. Afraid of an unknown experience, I cried from fright.

[No. I’m scared…]
[Don’t cry, Aine. It will feel good soon.]

Nii-sama kissed my eyelids and wiped my tears. He kissed me lightly all over. (his face)
And so, he reached out his hand and started stroking mine. My staff which has withered due to the sensation in my butt regained its stiffness after Nii-sama’s stroking.
A pleasant feeling that overcame the unpleasant feeling of my butt took over.
It’s completely different from when I did it myself.
That was when I tried my best to hold my voice down.

A feeling like an electric shock hit me as my body shuddered.

[Aah, I’m glad. Aine-niisama, feels good here?]
[Aaaa! Wh, wha, ah! Sto..! Haa~ah!]
[Aine, does it feel that good?]

A very strong sensation attacked me, so much so that I couldn’t close my mouth. My body trembles violently. It was hard staying on all four so I desperately clung on Reichel-niisama.

[Ah! Aah! N, a! I’m going strange!]
[Aine, you’re deliciously eating my fingers. See? Can you tell that there’re three inside?]
[Fwaa! I, I don’t kno…Aah!]
[Aine’s here is so soft and lewd.]
[Oi. Put it in already! It must be painful.]
[Fuu! Aah, hnn.. eh..]
[…How impatient. Haa, Aine, I’m putting it in. Please hold on properly.]

Because Yuan suddenly entered me, I couldn’t breathe.
He, he’s too big! I can feel his entirety inside me.
I thought I got used to his fingers but other than that is hard.

[Finally…. Aine’s inside is so warm…it feels so good.]
[Nnu, ch…aah.. chu….]

Yuan grabbed my waist and stayed still while he leaned forward. He kept whispering in my ear “I love you”. I felt that it was low of him as I felt my heart clench.

[Ng. Nng…. Haa~n… No..]
[Haa, Aine…!]
[Ah, aahn, ah, ah, yah!]

When I got used to Yuan’s swelling(?), he started moving. HOlding my waist, he started thrusting.
Every time Yuan thrusts in, a wet, slippery sound together with the sound his crotch and my butt slapping travelled to my ears, making it weird. (?)
While I was being taken care of from behind, Reichel-niisama started twisting my nipples.

[Ah~! Sto, ah, ahn..!]
[Uwa! Wow, so tight…!]
[Fuwa…Ah! Ah!]

*Guchuguchu* *Panpan*
Being attacked from both front and back, I couldn’t hold my voice and started moaning loudly. The sounds that came from my mouth were sweeter that I ‘d expected, embarrassing me to the point where my eyes blurred from tears.
At that moment, Yuan’s thing hit the part that felt good from before. Unconsciously, my body stiffened.
[You really like it here, huh.]
[Yaa~! There…! Don’t…Haa~n! Ah, ah, ah!]
[Aine, let’s come together?]

While whispering in my ears, as if to cover me, Yuan’s waist started moving more violently. They were quick and fierce, incomparable to the strokes from before. It keeps on hitting that good spot over and over, making me raise my voice.

[Ah, ah, ah, cum…cumming, Aaah~]
[Ku… Aine]

Being strongly attacked by Yuan, I finally climaxed. Fireworks are flying within my head.
*Byurubyuru* Semen came flying out from my thing. Just as I came, Yuan also pulled out from me and splattered my thighs with semen.
Losing my strength, I fell limply on the bed. Fatigue and drowsiness attacked me. Let’s just go to sleep as is… (TN: LOL… AINE, NOPE. THERE’S STILL ROUND TWO.. ANND 3… AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ROUND…)