Inaka Life Chapter 18 Part 2

Chapter 18 PART 2


[That’s right. Since you started living here a few days ago, I understood that having you here is very comfortable. It warms my heart.]
[Ah, eh?]
[The breakfast is also delicious. I think I want to drink coffee everyday. I met with the women who came to the castle but I want you.

When I tried to kiss Aine again, Yuan pulled me strongly away. Additionally, Yuan was hugging Aine very tightly. This damn pervert. I looked at the pervert with furrowed brows. That guy went *fufun* with his nose pointed to the sky. (TN: He’s completely abandoned Yuan’s name. Lol.)
Aine, who hasn’t noticed Yuan and my conflict, started to howl.

[I, I can’t! Ani-sama, I’m a man!]
[There’s no particular problem. We did share a kiss already.]
[Ki, Ki…]
[Ahaha. Seeing your face change expressions sure is fun.]
[I, I will not, I won’t!]

He must be getting confused. Aine who keeps repeating his words over and over again looks stupidly adorable.

[Please wait, Aniue. Aine-niisama is my bride.]
[Are you still saying that? He’s obviously mine!]
[Nope. I’ve already sworn my vow on my kiss.]
{What did you say? Oi, lend me Aine.] (TN: I wish I’m as popular as Aine. But I don’t wanna go out…)
[I don’t want to! You can’t make a vow! I won’t allow it!]
[This is an order as your brother, give him to me.] (TN: Big Bro, you can’t use your seniority..)

When I sternly said so, Aine tried to slowly stretch his hand. However, Yuan prevented it by holding him tighter.

[You will not, Aine-niisama.]
[Oi, Yuan. Aine has the right to choose. Compared to a pervert like you, I’m obviously much better.]
[Pervert! Please don’t say such accusing words, Aniue!] (TN: That’s what he said… :’D)
[Don’t you have any awareness? Last time you were licking Aine’s asshole, and you say you’re not a pervert?]
[That was a necessary ceremony before penetration! If it isn’t done, Aine-niisama will have a hard time!]
[Isn’t there honey? There shouldn’t have any need to lick it.]
[Tch] (TN: Even I clicked my tongue. Reichel needs more education!)

Yuan clicked his tongue. Aine probably remembered Yuan’s perverseness, he was trying to get out from Yuan’s arms. That’s a reasonable judgment. I grabbed those arms and held his waist. With his reddening face, Aine tried to push my chest away to gain some distance.

[Ni, Nii-sama, anyway, please stop joking.]
[I am not kidding. I’m going to make you my wife. Let’s set it to today.]
[It can’t be done! If you do something like that, Carl and the other officers will—]
[Be quiet for a bit, Aine.]
[E, Nnuu…?!]

I plugged his noisy mouth with mine.  I only managed to touch him a bit a while ago but, this guy’s lips are soft. I’m going to kiss his lips until it’s sore. It’s so fluffy like marshmallows.
When I slightly opened my eyes, I met Aine’s enduring red face.
At that moment, as if a switch has been pushed, I shoved my tongue inside Aine’s mouth greedily. (TN: I got the shivers when I translated this line. All hail the french kiss!)

[Nnn…!? N,nn…Haa..Nna…]

I chased after Aine’s retreating tongue. While I’m at it, I traced the inside of his mouth crazily. As if to embarrass him, I deliberately made wet sounds which made Aine’s ears turn red.
Also, it’s very hard to endure not to take off his clothes.  He’s too cute that my brakes aren’t working so I stretched my hand to lift his shirt up, but Yuan pulled Aine’s body , releasing him.

[Haa, wa, n…]
[Aine-niisama, are you alright? I apologize for such a dirty thing to happen. Well then, let’s rewrite it—] (TN:Yuan~!!!!)
[You stud-horse! I won’t let you!]

I gave Yuan a flying kick and somehow managed to stop him. As if I’ll allow this idiot to touch! When I breathed deeply and looked at Aine, is it because of my kiss, his cheeks are dyed red and the tears which has been held back started flowing.


I pulled his waist closer and when I whispered in his ear, his body flinched.

[If you react like that, I won’t be able to stop myself.]
[Yo, You can’t. Please stop.]
[That’s right, Nii-sama. I will stop at any cost.]

I don’t know when he’s revived but Yuan turned Aine around and met his lips. Well, I did succeed .I’ll decided that I’ll let them go for now and see how it goes between them.

[N, ah, Yua… Nn, haa… Nnh..]
[Aine-niisama… Haa…ch..]
[Fuwaa, nn… gh]

It’s honestly boring. Beside, this guy is mine. Seeing Aine’s white neck, I sucked on it. *Chuu* When I sucked on it lightly, a red bruise showed up after. *Rero* I traced the back of his neck from his ears.  Aine’s shoulder suddenly jumped in a funny way.

[Aa~…! Nchu, ha~a, nnhaa~… Nii…-sama… Naa..Nu..~]
[Aine, do you like it in your ears…?]
[Nyaa~! Ra, n~uu…! wa…Nn…]

When I touched below Aine’s abdomen, Aine’s thing has stiffly hardened. When I laughed a little, Yuan has probably noticed Aine’s condtion, he met my eyes.

[Aine, you’re reacting, huh. As your younger brother, I’ll take responsibilty and take care of it for you. Here.] (tn:GET A FREAKING ROOM YOU GUYS!!! YOU CAN’T TAKE AINE’S FIRST TIME OUTSIDE, EVEN IF IT’S A GARDEN!)

After saying it, Yuan licked him, and Aine who couldn’t bear it anymore raised a sweet moan.

Yuan, Let’s go back inside the house. Doing it outside for his first time would be pitiful.
[You’re right. Now, Aine-niisama, let’s go.
[Haa, I don’t… ah…wa..n..]

Yuan carried the breathless Aine and we returned to the mansion.