Inaka Life Chapter 15

That’s Why I’m a Man! 


It’s been four days since Reichel-niisama came to talk to me. He seems to be busy with the wife selection so from then on, he’s never came again. This is a peaceful day for me! It would have been great to have a party.

I wake up in the morning, water the strawberry plants and watch over the growth of the eggplants. Since it’s summer, weeds grow a lot so I must pull them out frequently. And then, when my back hurts, I’ll go to the terrace to drink some barley tea while taking a rest before resuming what I was doing. It has been a while since I’ve had a proper farming activity, I thought as I drank my tea.

As usual, I can hear the sound of the drums during the evening. The news about the party is probably being spread night after night.

Previously, I tried sleeping late but the sound of the party was so noisy I couldn’t sleep so lately, I’ve been going to bed before the party starts.

That same day, I went to bed early to sleep. While I was sound asleep, I was awaken by a slight sound in the middle of the night.

With a *kii*, I heard the sound of the door opening.

When I got up and looked towards the door…


[Yeah, Aine-niisama… did I wake you up? Aine-niisama, I’ve reached my limit…]

Yuan said as he walked right up to my bed and hugged me tightly. His body was trembling a little. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him back.

[What’s wrong?]

[Every night I have to talk to a lot of different women, I can’t get used to it. With their thick make up and strong perfume, everything about them just pisses me off—]

Yuan blurted it out. Certainly, I can smell the scent of perfumes. Yuan said that if he was a dog, his ears would’ve folded down, he recollected.

[Yuan, you’ve done well. Yoshi, yoshi.]

So I said as I pet his head. He loosened his embrace and he rested his head on my shoulder. Yuan is such a sweet, huh. As I was looking at Yuan’s huge body which looked a bit pitiful, I wondered of I really am a bro-con.

[Because we couldn’t meet even while being in the same ground, my heart felt like it might burst.]

[Were you that busy?]

[That’s of course! From conferences, to inspections, even visiting the distant Divisions. My spirit and my body were both exhausted.]

[How outstanding of you, Yuan.]

I lightly stroked Yuan’s head on my shoulder. As I did so, Yuan suddenly raised his head and grasped my shoulders. Yuan’s face that’s being covered by shadow gives me a bad feeling.

[Aine-niisama, can I get my reward–?]

Before I was able to give a reply, my lips were sealed.


His tongue entered my mouth. I retracted my tongue but Yuan’s chased after it.

Again, this guy! I’m not even a woman!

[Haa… Ngh… Nnn…]

Also, he’s more persistent than before!

*Haa, haa* Yuan’s breathing sounds heavy and excited. Yuan persistently kissed me all over again and again. After being entwined for a while, whoever owns the saliva flowing down my chin can’t be determined.

[Yua… wai… Nngh… Nn…!]

[Haa~…Aine-niisama… ch…]

Just when I thought that I’d been released, a thread of saliva stretched from both our mouths. So embarrassing! My eyes started getting wet as tears threatened to flow out.

[Mou…Stop… You can’t…!]

[This isn’t enough, Aine… More]

[Hyaa?! Au…Not my ear…!]

He breathed at my right ear, and licked it just like that. I could hear the lewd and wet sounds that’s being conveyed as I tightly closed my eyes.

He looked at me…

[You’re so cute, Aine… Please, be more desperate.]

[Hyau?! Sto…ah! Ahnn~!]

[Haah… Aine… I love you…]

Saying so, he rolled my sleepwear up and rolled his tongue over my right nipple while my left nipple was being pinched and rubbed.

So, why the heck are you teasing my nipples even though I’m a man?!

I shuddered as I felt the pleasure expanding. Then, as if by instinct, Yuan started sucking at my hardened nipples even though milk won’t be coming out.

[Ah… Aa.. you really can’t… hnn..nhaa~]

[Your nipples have turned so red… they look so lewd… Here…]


[It’s glossed with my saliva… Ahh… How irresistible!]

[Nna… haa… nn….]

While being kissed again, I was pushed down. And just like that, Yuan placed himself between my legs. I felt something hard rubbing behind me!

[Yu, Yuan! I’m… I’m a man!]

As I nervously told Yuan when he tried taking my pants off, his eyes widened as his movements stopped, but he soon laughed after and approached near my ear.

[I know. You have such lewd juices coming out from here signifying that you are an authentic man.]

[Eh….Aaah… st… sto…. Aaaahn~]

As that was said, he started stroking my erection.

Is he doing this while knowing that I’m a man?! Why?! As I was contemplating on my self, Yuan never stopped moving his hand. *Shloop shloop* Semen dripped out accompanied by a dirty sound.

[Yu, Yua…! I don’t want to… sto… Hii…]

[Aine, don’t struggle. I don’t want to hurt you.]

[You, you can’t! No… auu…. hyahn..! We…re bro.. ya!]

[ Being brothers doesn’t have anything to do with this. Please look at me as a man.]

Whatever I say won’t reach the current Yuan! Even though we shouldn’t do this because we’re brothers!

I tried to struggle by somehow twisting my body but he’s strongly gripping at my junior.


[You’re such a bad boy, Aine.]

[Yaa~ Don’t lick….. Aa~!]

Yuan placed mine in his mouth!

While being serviced by this so-called fellatio, my mind is turning into mush. A girl could’ve done this to me, why is it my brother?!

Yuan licked the back muscle with his tongue. My body unconsciously trembled. I’m almost turning weird while feeling the warmth of his mouth.

[Yua~, don’… Aa…! Ah, ah!]

[Aine, please give me all of you.]

After saying so, Yuan’s tongue moved faster while making lewd squelching noises. I couldn’t stand it any longer and released inside Yuan’s mouth. My body twitched convulsively. [Haa~ Unbelievable!]

[Aine’s essence, really delicious.]

He said as he approached the weakened me with a smile. I suddenly felt chills creeping up as I’m getting goosebumps all over.

Yuan has, without any considerations to my situation, inserted his finger into my butthole. It hurts! Why is he doing this?! Aren’t we brothers?

[No! Stop it! It hurts!]

[It won’t go as I expected, huh. I’ll lick it for relief.]

[Yaa…! No! I’m scared! Stop it!]

Why must my ass be licked my younger brother!

I desperately cried that I didn’t want to and that I was scared. But without minding me, Yuan determinedly licked my ass.

[Stop already… I beg you…]

[Aine, If you make that face—]

[You idiot! What are you doing?!]

Suddenly, a fist landed on Yuan’s head. There stood Reichel-niisama who looked like he’s out of breath with his eyes wide open. Why’s Reichel-niisama —?

Reichel-niisama grabbed Yuan by his neck and dragged him off the bed.

[Marius, bring this guy back to the castle.]

[A, Aine-niisama! Aine-niisama~!]

Yuan who was being carried by Marius called out my name. I didn’t know what to do, but when I saw Yuan’s empty eyes, I could only lower my head. When I looked up, I understood that Reichel-niisama was lending me his outerwear.

[A, Aniue, it’s gonna get dirty.]

[It’s fine. I don’t mind.]

Silence permeates the air. As the distinctive smell heightened inside the room, we both remained unmoving. Aniue surely thinks that I was the one who was doing the seducing. If so, I will surely be called a slut who seduced the Great General and will then be exiled from the kingdom. As I thought so, I was overcome by sadness as tears started flowing. Even though I just wanted to get along well with my brothers—

[Don’t cry.]

Reichel-niisama hugged me. I just remembered the ordeal I went through just a while ago and my stiffened. He gently wrapped me and stroked my head.


[I’m sorry for letting you experience such a thing.]


[… Let’s get you to the bath.]

[Hiku… Uuu…]

While being carried by Reichel-niisama, I was taken to the bathroom.

After that, he then wiped me with a towel, then he carried me again up until the bed.

He tucked me into the futon and wrapped me with blanket, then he kissed me on the forehead.

[Have a good night sleep for now.]

“While you’re still asleep, I’ll take care of everything”, I felt like that’s what he said.