Four Ikemen Chapter 8

Translator: OkubyouKun
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Chapter 8: ☆Dy Appears

Author’s note: The meeting with the fourth person will commence in an R18 scene so please beware.

I hear a noise in my ears. I feel my earlobe being nibbled and traced by something, leaving a moist and wet feeling in its trace. Eh, what’s this? What’s going on?


When I open my heavy eyelids, I can see a shadow covering over me. There’s a sigh right beside my ear, someone, my, ear, he’s, licking, it…!?




Who the hell is this guy, I have to use light magic! No, remembering that I can’t use it, I lit a fireball and let it float above. Thanks to the fluctuations that came floating around, I can see the appearance of someone on me.


1 Unlike the general clothing in this region, there was a beautiful and relaxed young man wearing fancy folk clothes that’s gently rolled up.

His soft, black hair is tied with a string and is hanging over his shoulder.

His amethyst eyes that stares at me shines in the dubious light. His thin lips drew into an arc looking really sexy.

I immediately confirm his status.



Diremolo · Zohana · Rada · Hyerk

Demon Race ( possessing state)

872 years old

Lv: 268

HP: 4073/13956

MP: 302/26459

Magic Attribute: Wind; Fire; Earth; Darkness

Skills: Magic; Throwing Skills (投擲術); Astrology; Spiritualization; Materialization; Awareness(気配察知);  Wind Reading; Spy; MP Absorption; HP/MP Conversion; Spirit Vision (Spirit vision); Erosion; Transformation; Distant View (遠見)**; Future Vision (未来視); Efficacy

Titles: A Being Who Deals with the Demon’s Abyss; A Being Who is Acquainted with Time; Limit Breaker; Special-class Throwing Master; First-class Astrologist



Ah, crap, I’m finished.

Being possessed by such a thing, I can only see myself being erased.

When the highlight disappeared from his eyes and I met gaze with the demon who came out from the bangle, he narrowed his eyes and smiled at me.

His beauty no longer belongs to this world, it’s more than just dazzling that it pierces my eyes. Ahh, he said he’s a demon, something like an evildoer?




Just by having my name called by his beautiful voice, I shuddered as if an electric current ran down my spine. Even his voice is sexy.


[My name is Diremolo. Diremolo  Zohana  Rada  Hyerk. You may call me Dy.]


I sucked in my breath as he stares into my eyes, while softly whispering and caressing my cheek.


[Call me Dy, Rei.]

[… Dy.]

[Good boy.]


He traces the outline of my face, then his hand went down to my clavicle to my chest. It’s going to reach a bad spot if it keeps going down at this rate, I have to do something.


[Hey, Dy. I don’t understand what’s going on. Could you get off for now?]

[No can do. If I can’t recover enough, then I won’t be able to protect you, you know?]


He didn’t come out to erase me, but to instead store power to protect me? So the information on that bangle was true?


[This is the fastest way of sucking Rei’s magic power to recover my own. You don’t have to worry since it won’t hurt. I will properly loosen Rei’s most important place and make you feel incredibly good, okay?] (TN: The hell? It’s as if he’s talking about loosening a ball of yarn and let the kitten play with it. LOL.)


It’s not okay at all. This guy’s a dangerous one. The chastity that I’ve done all my best to protect all these times is about to be stolen.

No matter how gorgeous the other party is, I won’t do it even if I die. I haven’t even gotten rid of my virginity (as a man), it’s hateful to have my (maiden) virginity stolen.


How on earth am I going to persuade him? The ideal setup will be that I’ll have him give up or now, then go to church tomorrow to consult Kami-sama regarding this.


[….Uhm, you see, I’m pretty tired today so can you postpone it for next time?]

[There won’t be a problem, since Rei has a lot of magic power, it won’t strain you even if I took some. It’s amazing, not only does your magical attribute fit with mine, you even have more magic power than me.]


This looks impossible. Aren’t we overflowing with enthusiasm, Dy-san?

I thought that I need to use force to stop him, but just when I was about to try refining my magic power, he began teasing and licking the area near my collarbone.




[Aah… so delicious.]


This is bad, my power is escaping me. Did he say he’ll be able to absorb my magic power by doing erotic things with me? I open my status and Dy’s.





Rei Arihara


17 years old

Lv: 3

HP: 147/147

MP: 64995/65874



Diremolo Zohana Rada Hyerk


Demon Race (In possession state)


872 years old


HP: 4073/13956

MP: 487/26459


The amount of magic power taken from me was added to Dy’s.

To think he shaved off close to 200 of my MP just by licking, ordinary people won’t be able to handle it.


Although this guy has the most magic power among all the people I’ve seen, it’ still incomparable to mine.

It is true that it won’t be a problem even if he took a lot until he’s recovered…. but it’s the method that’s a huge problem!


[Hey, I’m fine with you absorbing it, but can’t you find a different way to do it?]


I’m thinking if there are any good excuses I can use while having goosebumps upon feeling the wetness from his saliva.

Dy raised his head that was buried in my neck, his thin lips showed a smile that seems wicked.


[Why? Rei does not like to feel good?]

[No, liking it or not isn’t the proble, hiii~]


I let out a weird sound when my chest was pinched through my clothes. It felt kind of painful and itchy, a strange sensation.

Dy’s body that was unexpectedly solid even though he looks like a man of delicate features, ignores all my resistance and playfully teased my chests.


He raised my shirt so that the area from my stomach to my chest is exposed to air.


[They’re already erect.]


He teased my reddened and erect nipples, the heat rising to my face.

Just when I thought I felt him sigh, he pushed his tongue out.


[No, I don’t like it, stop… tsu]


As he rolled the tiny peak in his tongue and diligently licked it, my body voluntarily moved on its own. He used that opening to remove even my underwear. This guy is too skillful!




Dy put my slightly hard little brother in his hand.


[Fufu, it’s reacting.]

[Noo, ngh]


As he strokes me up and down, my senses heighten. He stimulates exactly the place which excites me, letting me be at his mercy without even trying.




A high-pitched voice that sounds unfamiliar to me echoed in the room. Dy placed my thing in his mouth and licked it as if he’s licking a candy.


[The, there, you can’t, hyaaah]


It’s so slippery that it feels so good. The inside of my head is flickering. It’s completely different to when I did it myself.

I was forced to climb into a new height I’ve never been, that I senselessly shook my head from side to side.


[Good, Rei, magic power is flowing in me. Just keep feeling it honestly.]


Dy made a smacking sound as he let go of my rod that’s in his mouth and crept his tongue through the hole behind it by following the perineum.

This is bad, I’ll be excavated!



[It’s alright, now relax yourself.]

[I really don’t like it! … tsk, n, yaah!]


He’s screwing my hole with the tip of his tongue as if to quickly loosen it. Do, don’t lick that kind of place!!

He was holding my hands that were trying to struggle out of shame and confusion with his free hand, as he stimulated my little brother by its underside with his other hand.


Will I be done in, just like this…? Realizing that I can’t win against the clutches of the Demon even if I rampaged with all my power, tears start trickling down my face.

Dy ignores the state I’m in as he enthusiastically increased his fondling of the front and sending in saliva in the back. At the same time my front is being incessantly teased, my head blurred as the only thing I can think of is that I want to cum.


[Ah, already, ahh, ahh]

[Cumming? You can tell me.]

[Fuaaaah, aaaaaahhh~]


When he pressed the tip with his fingernail with just the perfect strength, I wasn’t able to hold on anymore.

White liquid spurted out and landed on my belly.


[You dirtied yourself. Rei, you’re so cute.]

[Tsu! Ahh! Hnah!]


When he played with my thing that just came with his fingertips, my back bent forward like a shrimp*. The pleasure was too much that it hurts, causing tears to come out even though I don’t want to cry.” (TN: Ya’know how shrimps are bent. :D)


[I can’t anymore, no more~]

[Are you crying? How cute, you’re really cute, Rei.] (TN: Yep, Demon both inside and outside.)


Dy innocently said and kissed my eyes. My tear ducts which aren’t listening to what I’m saying kept shedding tears one after another, and Dy kisses them each time they drop.


[So Rei isn’t used to this kind of thing. Is this perhaps your first time?]

[….Is that bad?]

[Not at all, in fact, I’m happy. I understand. If that’s the case then I’ll leave it up to here for now. Let’s get you used to it little by little, okay? Fufufuh, I’m so looking forward to it.]


While grinning, Dy released a pink aura that’s close purple in color and hugged me in a good mood. I’m not looking forward to it even a little bit. I have to do something! IT’S AN EMERGENCY!!!



** has been explained to me before but since foresight and future vision seems to have the same meaning, I chose the literal translation instead.

1 – この地方の一般的な服装とは違い、ゆったりと布を幾重にも巻いた民族衣装をまとった妖艶な美青年がそこにいた。(My head hurts trying to translate this line.)