Four Ikemen Chapter 70

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70 Aphrodisiac


Aleph looked at me and rushed over as if jumping at me.


[Rei! You were safe! I’m so glad… ugh]

[Uninjured and unstained. However, it seems he was fed a dr*g.]

[Drug? Is it poison!?]

[It’s aphrodisiac.]

[Aprhodisiac? Why such a thing?]


I was gently laid down on a bed with an indigo blue fabric that was fine quality.


Aleph affectionately grasped my hands, but even that stimulation made my back shiver.


[U… ngh]

[Do you know how to neutralize it?]

[If it’s poison then I do, but aphrodisiac is a specialty. If only I studied more back then… ugh!]


From behind Aleph who was lamenting helplessly, the Princess peered into my eyes unreservedly.


[This is… Aleph-oniisama, please let me get a closer look.]


The Princess put her hand on my forehead, and after checking at the color of my skin and my breathing, she nodded once.


[There’s no mistake. This aphrodisiac is… ahh, how could they do such a cruel thing!?]

[Yifa, if you know then please tell me! Is there a method to treat it!?]


Aleph raised a bitter outcry and pressed at the Princess. The Princess tightly pursed her lips and as if resolving herself, she told him.


[…There is.]

[Please tell me, if there’s something I can do, I’ll do anything.]

[Onii-sama… Aah but, to such a small child-]

[Please tell us, oh Princess. We want to help Rei in whatever way.]


Ragna also looked straight at the Princess as if piercing through her. The Princess told them the method after a moment’s hesitation.


[This aphrodisiac… Unless one receives semen inside one’s body, the symptoms won’t recede.]


Whawhawha, WHAT DID SHE SAY ー !? What kind of erotic game is that?


Towards the outrageous treatment, I forgot to even gasp for a moment and my mouth fell open.