Four Ikemen Chapter 38

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38 Victory Party


AN: The second half is R18


The adventurers fought fiercely and splendidly repelled the mob of monsters.

The city was not damaged and we received a magnificent storm of welcome from the residents

In a hurry, a feast was held at the central square. Both the residents and the adventurers, the young and the old have gathered, drinking and singing happily bringing up a toast for having safely getting over Refluo’s crisis.


Both Aleph and Ciel were also congratulated for their fight. They did contribute a lot after all.


Ragna who was undoubtedly the leading person today is being surrounded by a crowd of adventurers and is being praised.


Ragna exchanges words with each of them, toasting and drinking alcohol while enjoying the party.


Ragna is being adored by adventurers, the look of the surrounding people are also overflowing with reverence and affection.

I understand how they feel, He was really cool, after all~.


[Why don’t you also join the circle(ring?), Rei? Weren’t you working quite hard?]

[No, I’m fine. If you’re going to say that then it was Dy who defeated a lot of enemies.]

[I don’t really mind, since I won’t get happy even if I get praises from them. I will feel happier if Rei thinks I’m amazing.]

[Ahh~, yes yes, you’re amazing indeed.]


Since Dy looked pleased even with my half-assed praise, he rubbed his cheeks against mine.


[Rather, shouldn’t I be the one to tell Aleph and co great job?]

[Isn’t it fine to just do that later? Even though they’re having fun talking to each other, it’ll be bad if you force your way in.]

[Hmm, you might be right.]


Dy’s opinion also sounds reasonable.

Since the tension of the place Ragna is on is also rising and I don’t think I can keep up with them, while Aleph and Ciel were called out by their acquaintances and seems to be catching up on things, I have little courage to join in.


I’m already treated as an adult here, and I should be able to drink alcohol but since I have never drank before so I have no idea how I will be after.

I will end up wanting to drink if I stay here, but I will feel sorry if I become a bother so I guess I’ll just stay still.


After calling out to Ragna in a loud voice, I decided to rest first in the inn that the guild arranged.

Just as I was relaxing in my room, I felt the presence of someone climbing the stairs.


[It’s me, please open up.]

[Ragna? What’s wrong, didn’t I just shout to you that I’ll be returning first?]

Ragna bends his back and enters the room.


[I’ve finished my general greeting, so I slipped out.]

[You didn’t really need to return quickly, you could have drunk some more.]

[I told you we’ll continue after we’ve returned, did you forget already?]


He lifts my body as he was saying so, taking me to the bed.





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